Restaurants for New Year’s Eve 2021-2022 in Milan

Restaurants are at the center of attention as regards the organization of New Year’s Eve events in Milan.

Restaurants in Milan… the absolute place to be to celebrate the end of the year

Choose to spend New Year’s Eve 2017 in a restaurant in Milan . It is always a great choice because there are a myriad of splendid restaurants to choose from.

A New Year’s Eve Gala Dinner is a must in Milan. It’s one of the most anticipated moments of the year where everything is possible and every desire can become a reality. You can choose from a large variety of different new year’s eve menus in the restaurant most suited to your taste and style.

There are countless options for new year’s eve dinners in Milan. Certain restaurants propose a traditional cuisine with grand gala dinners and elaborate dishes and presentations, and other restaurants/pizzerias propose a more casual pizza menu for new year’s eve. pizzerie. Another option for New Year’s Eve are the ethnic restaurants that propose rich, delicious menus and an evening full of surprises, entertainment, music and dancing.

Many restaurants to choose from

There are many restaurants in Milan that propose appetizing dinners for New Year’s Eve and many different ambiances to choose from: elegant and refined, luxury, traditional, or modern and simple. According to your individual tastes and style you can book the perfect New Year’s Eve.

There are also ethnic restaurants that propose a special 2017 New Year’s Eve adding an international touch of various different traditions to the Milanese scene. In most of the restaurants in Milan, you will find that music and dancing will reign after the midnight toast. In many restaurants, as is the tradition, Cotechino and Lentils will be offered just after 12:00.

Check out the recommended ristoranti and reserve your table directly online. Rely on our experience and expertise and you will be sure to have a wonderful and stylish New Year’s Eve!

A New Year’s Eve night dedicated to fun the one proposed for the New Year at The Singer in Milan. Elegant and refined location, it offers a splendid evening with a rich dinner accompanied by live music by Piero lopez & Shanghai Band and followed by Dj Set.

grand gala 120€
gala premium 160€
dinner buffet 50€
party 40€

L’Arcata restaurant wants to celebrate with you the special New Year’s Eve 2020 and this is why it offers a Gran Cenone with a guided menu and many delicious dishes and the DJ for a lot of fun is an unforgettable start to the year.

Dinner 60 €

New Year’s Eve 2020 in the heart of the city, at Gallery Museum Bistro in Milano. Located in the Amazing Duomo square, offers an unforgettable New Year’s Eve party!

Gala Dinner 100 €

New Year’s Eve at All’Origine in Milan. The restaurant is situated in the charming Porta Romana area in Milan. Will offer you a special Grand Dinner with Live Music

Christmas Dinner 65 €
New Year's Eve Dinner 100 €

New Year’s Eve Marcellino Pane e Vino Milan, in Corso Sempione 82. It offers a beautiful party with a tasty menu, lots of music and fireworks to celebrate in style in the coming New Year.


New Year’s Eve 2020 at Classico Bio , in the center of the Milanese nightlife. Offers an amazing New Year’s Eve party and a delicious Grand Dinner with a special menù and and dDj set till the first hours of the morning

Grand Dinner 90€

Treat yourselves to an exciting end of year evening. Book your New Year’s Eve at Four Points by Sheraton in Milan! It promises to be an memorable evening with an exclusive dinner, midnight toast and delightful music.

Dinner 110€

The Corallo restaurant in Milan proposes a delightful evening for New Year’s Eve with entertainment, shows, music and naturally, an excellent dinner prepared by the restaurant’s experienced chefs, with a special animation for kids.

Dinner 55 €
Kids Dinner 27 €

New Year’s 2020 at the IT Milano restaurant in the heart of Brera. It offers a memorable 20’s style party, with live music and Dj Set. You can choose between two refined menus completely in the 20’s style. To start the year with style, refinement and elegance.

Great dinner from 150 €

For New year’s Eve Nectare proposes a tasty and rich menù, created for the occasion and a lot of entartainment with the live music of the band Neither Dogs.

Dinner 110€