New Year in Milan 2021-2022 in the square!

The Comune of Milan will be proposing many different and special events to celebrate New Year’s Eve in the numerous squares and streets in the city.

But how can you keep updated on all the programs and news of the events? By visiting our portal. There you will find an entire section dedicated to all the planned events in the city for New Year’s Eve.

Celebrate New Year’s Eve 2017-2018 in one of Milan’s squares! Choose the ideal square in Milan for you, your friends, partner or loved ones to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

For an exciting end of year celebration

Choose to celebrate New Year’s Eve in one of the many squares in Milan and check out the details of all the events and concerts that are planned for New Year’s Eve in the heart of the city.

Don’t miss the events in Duomo Square in Milan, and the New Year’s Eve concerts.

The most beautiful squares in Milan

Check out to see whether this year also, Sempione Park in Milan will be transformed into an amazing outdoor disco. Check out who will be the famous artists this year that will be performing at the annual New Year’s Eve Concert in Duomo Square. See whether this year also, the famous Italian Stock Exchange Square will again be transformed into an outdoor disco.

Every central corner, square and street in the city will be festively decorated and many wonderful performances and shows will be put on for the occasion, all free of charge. The city of Milan will surely excel with the most amazing and memorable events on New Year’s Eve.

New Year’s Eve’s concert at Duomo Square, with a lot of famous singers and the band LO STATO SOCIALE protagonists of the night. For a magic and special New Year’s Eve night. Lots of music and the hits of teh moment for a free event.