Finger’s Garden

New Year's Eve night 2020 at Finger's Garden in Milan. A party you can't miss with a delicious Grand Dinner and an amazing party with a lot of fun thanks to the Dj set and all the special surprises.
Gala Dinner + Party 150€
Entrance 30€
Table from 200€

The Singer

A New Year's Eve night dedicated to fun the one proposed for the New Year at The Singer in Milan. Elegant and refined location, it offers a splendid evening with a rich dinner accompanied by live music by Piero lopez & Shanghai Band and followed by Dj Set.
grand gala 120€
gala premium 160€
dinner buffet 50€
party 40€

Magazzini Generali

New Year's Eve at the Magazzini Generali in Milan, Via Pietrasanta n. 16. Historical and trendy disco organizes an evening with the best DJ of the moment. Not only good music, but lots of entertainment and surprises for the magical night of the end of the year. Special Guest: WALTER PIZZULLI!
Buffet From 35 €
Entrance From 25 €
Table From 150 €

Marriot Hotel

New Year's Eve Marriott Hotel Milan, in Piazza Piemonte area. It offers a wonderful end-of-year party with different solutions to choose from; a Grand Dinner with a guided and served menu, an after-dinner with UNLIMITED drinks and different packages to stay directly in the structure.
Platinum 189 €
Gold 120 €
Silvernight 129 €
Silver 50 €


New Year’s Eve at Loolapaloosa at no.15 Corso Como in Milan, one of the most popular and trendy places in town. For a splendid and entertaining New Year’s Eve!
Gran Buffe + Open Wine 35 €
Party 35 €

El Carnicero Garibaldi

For New Year's Eve 2020, the elegant El Carnero restaurant in Corso Garibaldi in Milan, offers an elegant party. For the occasion, a rich and delicious dinner is offered that will conquer even the most demanding palates.
grand dinner 130€

Novotel Linate

New Year's eve 2020 Novotel Linate Milano, to start the new year in luxury in an elegant hotel with a refined grand dinner with a lot of music and directly from Zelig:Davide nuovo anno nel lusso di un’hotel elegante, c, tanta musica e direttamente da Zelig: Davide Messina. For those who want it,it's possible overight stay in one of the amazing rooms.
dinner from 105€
dinner kids 40€
packages from 330€

Gate Milano

New Year’s Eve at Gate Milano, proposes a fantastic last night of the year where the fun is assured. A delicious and rich Buffet will start the night followed by a marvelous party led by the talents Dj that will let you dance ‘till the first hours of 2020
Royal Buffet 40 €
Entrance 30 €

Ripamonti Residence Hotel

New Year's Eve Ripamonti Residence Hotel Milano, in Via Dei Pini, 3 in Pieve Emanuele. It presents itself as a splendid, elegant and refined structure that proposes a unique and unforgettable end-of-year party. With Peppe and Ciccio da Colorado Cafè.
Room from 89 €
Afterdinner table 140 €


New Year’s Eve at Armani Milan 2020 by Magic Escapes Holidays
Gran Dinner --,--
Entrance From --,--


New Year’s Eve at All’Origine in Milan. The restaurant is situated in the charming Porta Romana area in Milan. Will offer you a special Grand Dinner with Live Music
Christmas Dinner 65 €
New Year's Eve Dinner 100 €

UnaHotels Expo Fiera Milano

New Year's Eve Gala 2020 at the UnaHotels Expo Fiera di Milano. A wonderful evening where nothing is left to chance. 35 hours of pure fun with good food and lots of music.
Apericena 60€
dinner from 85€
entrance from 20€
packages from 70€

It Milano

New Year's 2020 at the IT Milano restaurant in the heart of Brera. It offers a memorable 20's style party, with live music and Dj Set. You can choose between two refined menus completely in the 20's style. To start the year with style, refinement and elegance.
Great dinner from 150 €

Novotel Ca Granda

New Year's Eve Novotel Ca Granda Milano, for those who are looking for fun and luxury, to dance until late at night. It offers a tasty buffet dinner, lots of music and a special package to stay in one of the beautiful rooms.
Silver grand dinner 110€
Gold grand dinner 135€
Silver package 340€
Gold package 390€

Castello di Casiglio

New Year’s Eve at Castello di Casiglio, between Milan and Como, for a unique and elegant New Year’s Eve celebration, exclusively for an adult and refined clientele.
Dinner 130€
Room from 240 €

Teatro Principe

Unforgettable New Year's Eve 2020 at Teatro Principe in Milano. Historic location, in the heart of the city that offers an amazing party ; "Capodanno de Milan". Lots of music and a lot of differnt music on 2 floors for a long and unforgettable night.
Entrance 20€
Table 250€

The Hotel

New Year's Eve The Hotel Milano, a whole day to celebrate the new year. Music, fun, OPEN BAR, more than 15 international Guest Star DJs ... all for a magical night!
Packages from 60€

El Carnicero Milano

New Year's Eve 2020 with Argentinian taste at El Carnicero di Milano.located in Via Spartaco, offers a good Grand Dinner with a lot of Argentinian dishes. A unique and refined location for a special night.
Grand Dinner 130 €

The Fisher

New Year 2020 in the name of good taste, at The Fisher restaurant. A unique location of its kind, elegant and refined that offers a large fish dinner rich in dishes cleverly designed by the talented chefs of the kitchen.
grand dinner 180€


New Year's Eve Quantic Milano, a party in splendid structure where you can dance and unleash the notes of the best music of the moment. A must for all lovers of house, deephouse and techno music.
grand buffet with open wine 50 €
party 25 €
Table From 150 €

Grace Milano

New Year's Eve 2020 al Grace Milano, in Via Messina, offers...
Grand Dinner 150
Grand Buffet 60
entrance from 30
table from 500


New Year’s Eve at Masquenada in Milan, in Cinque Giornata area,...
Cena 60 €

Shatar Pub

New Year's Eve at Shatar in Milan, located in Via Ricciarelli,...


The Corallo restaurant in Milan proposes a delightful evening...
Dinner 55 €
Kids Dinner 27 €

Milano Cafe

New Year’s Eve at Milano Café in 37 Via Procaccini in Sempione...
Gran Buffet 405€
Entrance 20€

The Beach

New Year's eve 2020 The Beach Milano.A trendy nightclub, very...
Buffet 55€
Entrance 40€
Table from 200€

Capodanno Milano

New Year’s Eve in Milan


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New Year’s Eve at AcquaWorld in Concorezzo. A real life village that offers an amazing POOL PARTY between wellness areas, water slides and SPA. With the special animation and music by DISCORADIO and a tasty royal buffet.
Single Price 75 €
Vip Room Table 750 €

New Year's Eve 2020 at Bobino Club in Milan at Alzaia Naviglio Grande n. 116, offers an amazing buffet, a lot of music by the special guest Dj Set POVIA and a themed party: "We LoveThe90s Party" with the DATURA.
Buffet 60 €
Entrance From 25 €
Table 150 €

New Year’s Eve at 55 Milano, a unique night in a historic location of the Milan night life. Offers a rich Dinner Buffet, Live show and a lot of good music by the amazing Dj Set Gigi Zeus & Tullio Tommasino
Dinner Buffet 100€
Entrance From 30€
Table 250€

An unforgettable New Year's party at the Klima Hotel in Milan. In collaboration with two other luxurious structures, located in the Expo area, it will give life to pure fun. Dinner, OPEN BAR and a stay for a memorable event!
GOLD 80 €
GALA 195 €

Unforgettable New Year's Eve night 2020 for this special night at Rotonde di Garlasco. Un party you can't miss with grand dinner, buffet, lots of music and special guest: DJ ANTOINE!!
Buffet from 41 €
Entrance From 27 €
Table from 250 €
Packets from 121

New Year's 2020 Eve Hotel Atlantic Torino, a few kilometers from the city center. An unforgettable party, with dinner and unlimited wines at the table, DJ set, Lightningman, fireworks, Open Bar and overnight at the luxurious rooms. For a memorable New Year's Eve!
GOLD 120 €

New Year 2020 at Lake Malaspina di Pioltello. in Via Lago Malaspina n. 2. Do not miss the fantastic opportunity to experience a special and unforgettable night! A dinner rich in taste and overwhelming aromas, to be enjoyed in a location of other times, to be discovered.
Christmas lunch 45 €
New Year's Day 65 €

New Year's Eve Nepentha MIlano proposes for the evening of December 31st the Grand Gala, the long New Year's Eve Night! A special night, which starts with a rich dinner with a guided menu and continues with a fun disco situation until the early morning light!
Dinner + Party 90 €
Entrance 25 €
Table 250 €

New Year’s Eve at San Babila Theatre in 2/A Corso Venezia. Don’t miss the opportunity to spend New Year’s Eve with amazing actors for a delightful and entertaining New Year’s Eve. An atypical end of year celebration for a cheerful start to the new year.
Show at 06:00 pm 39€
Show at 11:00 pm 69€

New Year's Eve 2020 at Circle in Milano, in the earth of the Milanese fashion, in the Tortona district. proposes a New Year's Eve party with a great grand dinner and a lot of fun after dinner.
Dinner 110 €
Entrance 20 €
Table 250 €

Unforgettable New Year's Eve at the Cà de Figo Agritourism in Varzi, in the province of Pavia. It looks like a beautiful structure surrounded by nature. For the night of the year offers a rich and delicious Gran Dinner with live music
Grand Dinner 100 €

New Year's Eve at Tocqueville 13 in Milan, in Via Tocqueville n. 13, in the area par excellence of Milanese nightlife. The disco is divided into 2 floors, on the lower floor there is the disco area, on the upper floor there is the private area and a restaurant. The fun is guaranteed!
buffet 40 €
entrance 40 €
table from 100€

Family New Year's Eve at the Tutto Giusto restaurant in Milan. Located in Via Antonio Porpora, in the Città Studi area is easily reachable by any surface means and is the ideal location to spend a peaceful dinner at the end of the year.

New Year's Eve 2020 al Classico Restaurant & Bar di Via Marcona. A fresh and Modern location that offers a rich Grand Dinner with special delicious dishes and after dinner a lot of music with the best Dj set.
Grand Dinner 90

New Year's Eve 2020 with a taste of Puglia at the Osteria Pugliese da Mario in Milan, in the Porta Venezia area. In the heart of Milan, a menu that pays homage to the Apulian traditions to toast the new year!