Capodanno Milano Cafe 2023/2024

milano cafe

Milano Cafe

Cafe Milano proposes a delightful aperitif and fingerfood menu for the occasion and plentiful music by its great Dj Sets.New Year’s Eve at Milano Cafe in 37 Via Giulio Cesare Procaccini, in the splendid Sempione area in Milan, an area easy to reach by any surface transportation means.
It is a stylish and popular lounge type bar with an elegant interior, designer furniture and leather sofas and armchairs.

Especially for New Year’s Eve, Milano Cafe in Milan proposes a delicious and refined finger food buffet, exceptional drinks and plentiful music by its great Djs.

For a stylish New Year’s Eve and a celebration that will last until the early hours of the new year.

GRAN ROYAL BUFFET: 40 € Ingresso dalle ore 20:30. Incluso 1 drink.
TAVOLO DOPOCENA: 60 € Per mantenere il tavolo dopocena. Inclusa 1 bottiglia ogni 4 persone, da aggiungere il costo del Gran Royal Buffet
INGRESSO DOPO CENA: 20 € Ingresso dalle ore 23:30. Incluso 1 drink.
TAVOLO PRIVE: 150 € Ingresso dalle ore 23:30. Inclusa 1 Bottiglia di Superalcolico o Champagne. DA AGGIUNGERE IL COSTO D’INGRESSO.

Milano Cafe

02 845 711 25
328 556 6665