New Year’s 2019-2020 in Castles and Villas in Milan

As an alternative to celebrating New Year’s Eve in one of the restaurants or discothèques in Milan you could choose to celebrate in a Villa or Castle. Choosing to spend New Year’s Eve in a Villa or Castle in Milan and the province, will make you feel like you are living a dream.

Unique and memorable ambiances

Spending New Year’s Eve in a Castle is without a doubt a unique and special way to celebrate, with your other half, or with close friends. It will surely be a romantic and unforgettable evening.

For New Year’s Eve unique and exclusive evenings are planned in magnificent castles, with rich and appetizing dinners and plentiful entertainment. For an absolutely unforgettable celebration!

Enjoy the beauty of the location and choose to spend New Year’s Eve in a Villa or Castle. There are complete programs with gala dinners, grand buffets Gran Buffet, sometimes in costume with masks, or simply in candle lit atmospheres. Lots of music and entertainment to follow.

An extraordinary and magical New Year’s Eve

Often in these magical and characteristic places, exceptional parties are organized, as is for example New Year’s Eve in costume, immersed in unique ambiances with candle light and lit fireplaces.

Choose to spend New Year’s Eve in a Villa of Castle in Milan, castello and experience an exhilarating moment and count down to the New Year. Choose the best place to celebrate New Year’s Eve among the nicest Villas and Castles, and experience a truly sensational evening.

New Year’s Eve at Villa Castelbarco in Vaprio D’Adda in Via Per Concessa promises to be a perfect event with a magnificent dinner and disco evening, ideal for those persons who want to celebrate in an original manner.

Dinner from 105€
Entrance 30€
Room from 110€

New Year’s Eve at Castello di Casiglio, between Milan and Como, for a unique and elegant New Year’s Eve celebration, exclusively for an adult and refined clientele.

Dinner 130€
Room from 240 €

Magic night for the New Year at the Castello dei Solaro in Turin. A magical location that offers an unforgettable party. With Gran Cenone, many surprises, special animation shows and overnight in a luxury hotel

GOLD 120 €

A rich New year’s Eve menu will be prepared by Ca’ Bianca in Milan. The Villa is situated in a beautiful setting in 117 Via Lodovico il Moro, and promises a delightful and appetizing evening.

Dinner 95 €
Table after dinner 300 €
Entrance 25 €

Hotel Il Castelletto di Binasco awaits you for an incredible evening on New Year’s Eve, waiting for 2019! A tasty dinner served, Dj Set, children’s entertainment, SPA and overnight in the luxurious Hotel.

Packages from 130 €
Children from 25 €

New Year 2019 at Lake Malaspina di Pioltello. in Via Lago Malaspina n. 2. Do not miss the fantastic opportunity to experience a special and unforgettable night! A dinner rich in taste and overwhelming aromas, to be enjoyed in a location of other times, to be discovered.

Christmas lunch 45 €
New Year's Day 65 €

Villa Reale is a unique building in Monza. For new year’s eve it proposes a fine night. It will start with a tasty dinner, with a guided and served menù. The party will continue with a lot of music and entertainment all night long.

Dinner 120€
Party 50€