Capodanno Ca’ Solare 2023/2024

ca' solare

Ca’ Solare

Fun guaranteed for New Year’s Eve at Ca’ Solare in Trezzano sul Naviglio. Located in Via Circonvallazione, 45 in a sober and elegant environment. For the New Year’s Eve dinner it offers a guided menu and a 20s style special party.

New Year’s Eve Cà Solare Trezzano sul Naviglio, To celebrate the arrival of the new year, will turn into a cozy villa, where you can dine first and have fun dancing in the disco from midnight onwards!

Elegance and Refinement

The classic New Year’s Eve dinner Ca’ Solare Trezzano sul Naviglio will be set up on the first floor of the restaurant, in a sober and elegant setting. The proposed menu promises to be really interesting, with rich courses of appetizers, first courses, main courses and desserts! All accompanied by lounge music of the house DJ!

Exclusive New Year’s Eve party 20’s style

Lots of emotions and surprises after dinner at Ca’Solare, with lounge bar at ground floor, transformed into a club for the longest night of the year, with a lot of music and a special party 20s The Great Gasby style.

The party will be, only for 140 people at dinner, 30 people for the Buffet and 40 people for the after Dinner, in order to offer the best service.

GRAND DINNER : 95 € Include Cenone, Serata dopo cena e 1 drink dopo cena (140 posti disponibili)
CENA BAMBINI: 40 € Includes Grand Dinner (10/15 seats available)
BUFFET: 50 € Includes Buffet, After Dinner and 1 drink after dinner (30 seats available)
ENTRANCE AFTER DINNER : 25 € Includes 2 drinks and 1 champagne flutè to toast. From 11:00pm

ATTENTION: Reservation with approvement of the Direction only for people older than 25 years old

Ca’ Solare

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