Via Domenico Scarlatti, 32
20124 Milano

Prices, availability and reservations

100 € Include Ingresso al Party e formula OPEN BAR

New Year’s Eve at Leroi De Milano, promises a long night full of surprises and emotions.

It is a fabulous location situated in Via Domenico Scarlatti, 32, not far from the centre of the city and near the sophisticated Repubblica area. It is easily reachable with any mean of transport.

Historical location

Leroi de Milano is a historical location which for more than 60 years has been present in the Milanese nightlife. Leroi de Milano is a meeting place for VIP, Business Men and tourists, very well known also because the best orchestras and international entertainers performed here.

The location is furnished with care and elegance and it proposes amusing nights where it’s possible to enjoy the many special entertainments that it offers: discoteque, live music; dances, belly danceand performances that will create long lasting out of schemes nights.

During the performances it will be possible to relax smoking Narghilè and tasting amazing happy hours proposed by expert barmen.

The location provides 3 smooking rooms, to live the best of every moment.

Spicy New Year’s Eve

For the special New year’s Eve night, Leroi de Milano proposes and exclusive Party, a long lasting night full of happiness and emotions.

There will be planned exhibitions all night long: a special entertainment with live music and the dancer Naima Hassan; the charming voice of the singer Hassan Soliman will elegantly lead you to the first hours of the New Year.

A tasty gourmet buffet will be served at 10pm, while the fabulous Deejay Set Mansuri will make you dance and break free on the dance floor together with the fascinating LADIES-IN-WAITING.

The Ladies-in-Waiting will stay with you all along the party to make the night at Leroi de Milano even more pleasant and hot.

ENTRANCE: 100 € Includes Entrance and OPEN BAR