Via Valtellina, 21
20159 Milano

Prices, availability and reservations

35 € Ingresso dalle ore 20:30. Inclusi 2 drinks e 1 flute
25 € Ingresso dalle ore 23:00. Inclusi 2 drinks e 1 flute

Located in Via Valtellina 21, arises the massive facility of the Gate Milano. Easily reachable by car and every kind of public transport, is the ideal location to enjoy a very fun night.

A trendy and modern location

New Year’s Gate Milano is surely a huge venue, with adjustable areas and the newest technological equipment. Gate Milano is divided into 2 wide rooms of over 600 mq2. It’s the perfect location to host every kind of events, from company events to private parties.

A fun and exclusive New Year’s Eve Party

For the last night of the year, Gate Milano offers you a beautiful and fun party. For the occasion, the venue will transform itself to a massive discotheque, which will be the temple of fun ‘till the first hours of 2019. The party will begin at 20:30 with a rich and lavish Buffet, supported with fancy cocktails.

The after dinner will be in the name of fun, thanks to the best music played by the talented Dj Set that will let you dance until the first light of 2019 in the two different rooms, each one with a different genre of music:

– STAGE 1: Commercial, Hip Hop, Reggaeton

– STAGE 2: House, 90’s Dance

New Year’s Eve at Gate Milano, to who are looking fora n exclusive and unforgettable party.

Prices 2019 New Year’s Eve at GATE MILANO
BUFFET: 35 € entry from 20:30. 2 drinks and 1 flute included.
entry after dinner: 25 € entry from 23:00. 2 drinks and 1 flute included.

VODKA/GIN: 130 €
MOET: 150 €
BELUGA: 150 €