Capodanno 55 Milano 2023/2024

55 Milano

New Year’s Eve at 55 Milano, a unique night in a historic location of the Milan night life. Offers a rich Dinner Buffet, Live show and a lot of good music by the amazing Dj Set Gigi Zeus & Tullio Tommasino

New Year’s Eve 55 Milano, in Via Piero della Francesca n. 55, offers a night unique in its kind.

Historic Location of Milan Night Life

The beautiful local, made even more particular by his imposing counter of 25 mq. It has always been a reference point for the night life in Milan.
For the occasion New Year’s Eve 2020, 55 Milano does not disappoint and offers an extraordinary night.

Gala Dinner, Dj Set and Live Show

The long night will begin at 8:30pm, with some really good food, a rich and delicious DINNER BUFFET. A lot of delicious dishes, cured and studied in every detail by the amazing chef of the restaurant.
But the particularity of the night will be the long Live Show that will start at 9:30pm, a special show that will give everyone strong emotions.
From 11:30pm will begin the wild music from the sound of the Residence Dj Set of the local until the first hours of 2020. Special Music Performer: Dj Gigi Zeus & Tullio Tomasino.
A unique Night, that can’t be lose!
Ore 20:30 Dinner Buffet
Ore 21:30 Live Show
Ore 23:30 Music
DINNER BUFFET:: 100 € drinks included – Discounted to 90 Euro for booking till 12/24
ENTRANCE AFTER DINNER + 1 DRINK: 30 € Includes 1 drink. Entrance from 11:00pm
ENTRANCE AFTER DINNER + 3 DRINK: 50 € Includes 3 drinks. Entrance from 11:00pm
ENTRANCE AFTER DINNER + TABLE: 250 € Includes 1 basic bottle (distilled or champagne). INCLUDED 5 AFTER DINNER ENTRANCES.

55 Milano

Via Piero della Francesca, 55 20154 Milano
02 845 711 25
328 556 6665